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  • Highly energy efficient grooved barrel extruder with wide processing range and surge free operation with little temperature fluctuation. This gives physically and thermally homogeneous melt. These extruders give high throughput rates at low specific energy consumption.
  • Accumulator head with spiral mandrel distribution of melt results seamless parison with even circumferential wall thickness.
  • Even temperature distribution of the parison reduces the residual stresses developed in the article due to uneven cooling, which means greater drop strength.
  • Exceptional quality blow moulded articles are consistently produced.
  • Hydraulics is well designed for higher efficiencies. Heat generation is less.
  • Reliable and long service life – High uptime with very little maintenance.
  • High uptime of the machine together with low energy consumption and low maintenance cost results in low production cost which means high profitability. In other words, cost of ownership is less.
  • We customise the Blow Moulding Machines to suit your requirement.

It is our technology that gives us the distinct edge to differentiate ourselves from others. The exceptional performance of our Blow moulding machines exceeds our customers’ expectations of quality, reliability and productivity.