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We give below the feedback from our customer Mr. Arul Selvam, M/s. Chakravarthy Plastics, Tiruppur.
He is one of our customer since 10 years manufacturing water tanks ranging from 500 liters to 2000 liters. He owns 6 IFC Blow Moulding Machines. All are multilayer.

1. Desired wall thickness of each layer can be easily set simply by changing the extruder screw speed resulting in following advantages.
a. We set the thinner outer layer, thereby reducing the cost of master batch and UV stabilizers.
b. Also tank life is improved as the mid layer (Black) is thicker.
2. Scrap generated is less. For Ex:-Consider manufacturing 20kgs water tank in IFC Machine the scrap generated is 3.5kgs and it is fully reused in mid layer in other machines the scrap generated is 5.5kgs of which only 2kgs is reused in mid layer. Hence my production cost is significantly reduced.
3. Layer uniformity can be controlled.
4. Power consumed per kg of salable article is 0.5 Unit.
5. Colour mixing is good and color change is also faster.
6. Light weight articles can also be manufactured. For Ex: – A 1000 liter water tank can be of both 19kgs and 15kgs in weight.
7. A 3 layer machine can be used to manufacture single and two layer articles too.
8. The machine can process 100% virgin and 100% regrind raw material.
9. The machine is maintenance free and user friendly.
10. Article of smaller size can also be manufactured from bigger capacity accumulator head.
11. The machine easily processes LBM grade raw material.

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