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An Innovative Accumulator Head – Seamless Parison

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Industrial and Fluid power Consultants is a manufacturer of High Quality Blow Moulding Machines in India. Mr. S.T.Sekharan who spearheads the design and development activities, has over 40 decades of experience in design, manufacturing and testing of blow moulding machines, besides fields like servo hydraulics, testing equipments and special purpose machines.

Manufacturing of 200 litre capacity L-ring drums made of HMWHDPE having HLMI value 2, were produced in India onimported blow moulding machines. For the first time in India Mr. S.T. Sekharan introduced blow moulding machines with overlapping flow accumulator head under the brand name VINITHA so that 200 litre L-ring drums could be manufactured indigenously. The overlapping flow accumulator head mitigates the adverse reduction of wall thickness in weld line regions. It is a severe problem in blow moulding especially when the polymer processed is High Molecular Weight High Density Polyethylene ((HMWHDPE) having High Load Melt Index value about 2. Owing to viscoelastic effects, considerably weakened regions are formed in the parison where the divided melt streams recombine.

Cross-section of parison with overlapping system

Cross-section of parison with spiral system

In order to eliminate weld lines altogether, Mr. S.T.Sekharan found a simpler solution, the spiral mandrel distribution of melt flow in blow moulding - accumulator head.

The new accumulator head with spiral mandrel distributor gives excellent performance. No other manufacturer in India offers this type of accumulator head for blow moulding. After its introduction the machine performance in terms of quality and production efficiency has significantly increased. The operator is able to set the machine very easily. The operation of the machine is very stable and consistent production is achieved.

Though the performance of these machines are comparable to imported ones the machines are far cheaper and are very low on energy consumption than imported machines.


  1. Even circumferential wall thickness distribution of parison
  2. Elimination of weakening weld lines (increased hoop strength of article that is subjected to internal pressure)
  3. Broad processing range (change in material, throughput, operating point)
  4. Very fast colour change. It means less wastage of raw material and a lot of energy saving.
  5. Gives good, straight parison without curl
  6. Even temperature distribution; hence faster cooling of articles manufactured in our machine. This also reduces residual stresses developed in the article due to uneven cooling. (greater drop strength)
  7. Suitable for multilayer heads too. Three layer accumulator heads for blow moulding machine upto 2000 litre capacity has been developed. Larger ones are under development.
  8. Less maintenance
  9. Least rejection rate of articles (saving of raw material and energy)
  10. Stable performance of the blow moulding machine.

Simultaneously high performance extruders were developed. The extruders are exceedingly energy efficient. They are capable of processing high molecular weight HDPE with HLMI as low as 2. They deliver physically and thermally homogeneous melt at high throughput rates at low temperature. 

            The production programme ranges from 20 litre to 2000 litre, single and multilayer. The articles that are manufactured in these machines are jerry cans, carbouys, 200 litre L-ring drums, IBCs, water tanks, septic tanks, capsules etc.

It is our technology that gives us the distinct edge to differentiate ourselves from others. That is why time and again our machines exceed our customers’ expectation of quality, reliability and productivity.


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