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We are a manufacturer of High Quality Blow Moulding Machines in India. We are also involved in designing of Special Purpose Equipment for applications in various fields like, Testing of components for automotive, railways and aerospace industries,Wind energy,Electro hydraulic servos,Hydraulic power units Our large size blow moulding machines bridge the gap between foreign and Indian ones. We offer machines of high quality featuring latest technologies at affordable prices. Moulded articles of finest quality can be consistently produced from our machine. Mr. S.T.Sekharan who spearheads the design and development activities, has over 4 decades of experience in design, manufacturing and testing of blow moulding machines, besides special purpose equipments in other fields. We employ the best of technologies, the best raw materials, the best components and the best processes resulting in reliable and efficient performance of the machine leading to production of blow moulded articles of exceptional quality. The production programme ranges from 20 litre to 2000 litre in single and multilayer structures. Many varieties of articles like jerry cans, carbouys, 200 litre L-ring drums, IBCs, water tanks, septic tanks, capsules etc. can be blow moulded from our machine.

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    IFC Blow Moulding Machine is the best indigenous blow moulding machine available in India which is very energy efficient, highly productive and quality of barrels produced is comparable with barrels manufactured from any renowned blow moulding machine of the world.